I was in a relationship before with my ex-partner for six years. The thought of breaking up was never in my entire dreams. I can’t figure out why everything turns out to reverse than I expected. My ex-partner was once to be my savior. But it did not happen; he turned to be a freaking beast and afraid what he might do next if I can’t escape from according to Oxford Circus Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/oxford-circus-escorts. I am drowning myself in depression and anxiety. Our relationship is becoming toxic every day. He used to spoke hurtful words towards me and when drunk beating me was his happiness. I don’t know why I allow things to happen; I blame myself for turning him into a beast. I was too good and kind that he had abused my attitude. I just woke up one day and realize that I have been too much pain and if it continues, I’ll be murder too soon. To stop him, I need to quit the connection we have. I know this must be the most terrible decision I made, for six consecutive years I became his sex-slave and prisoner according to Oxford Circus Escorts. At first, it was hard for me to accept everything that happened. I spend most of my time locking myself in the room and starve for days. Spending sleepless nights and crying. My journey has never been easy that time. Lucky for me, I have supportive family around me, during my breakdown and darkest moments they were my reasons to still hold on to life. They never failed to assist and love me. Thinking that my parents never gave up on me, I learned to live my life again, and this time I don’t want to disappoint my family. I’ll start to dream still and list my goals in life. I want to change my perspective how I see the world. I started appreciating the little things around me. My goal is to set my self-free from pain and to achieve that I need to make a change. I began to go out with my own and joined a group of mountain climbers. Meditation was my key to releasing pain. I have met new people in my life, new circle and they taught me that life is much beautiful if you look at the other side of the world. I chose myself to become my world. Loving myself back was the most fulfilling of all. I have known my strength and weaknesses. I have identified myself more. I have achieved my dreams in life and fulfilled the goals I set. I feel fantastic to myself. I thought I couldn’t do things on my own, but here I am happy and contented. I found my happiness in myself and learned that you would never find joy in someone else.