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my friend is bisexual

I need to confess that I did not really imply to French kiss my friend but it sort of just taken place. In numerous methods I can not understand what the big deal is as we both appear to have taken pleasure in…


Instead of having leather couches

There are some days when I actually do wish that I was a man. One of the leading regulars that I have actually got at London companions loves nothing much better than his guy cave. In the beginning I assumed it was going…


How to deal with jealous partners whilst being a London escort

A lot of escorts have to deal with jealous ex partners or current partners. It’s not uncommon for escorts to have jealous partners as we do share our time with other men.  Over the years working for a London escort of https://www.londonxcity.com I’ve…


Does cyber sex truly turn anyone on

I am not sure about the current cyber sex craze. At first I thought that cyber sex might truly take off, and become prominent, but I am not so certain any longer. I have spoken to a few of the gents I date…