In these days of Photoshop, Photoshopped Celebrities and Photobombs, what does it mean to be body positive you have to ask London escorts? That is the question that this article aims to answer.

The best London escorts explain that Body positivity is a movement which values self-acceptance in regards to one’s physical appearance. Body Positivity rejects the idea that beauty and self-worth come from perfecting oneself through diet and exercise — instead, it celebrates all shapes and sizes. It can be seen as an antidote for the prevalent drop-out rates and eating disorders among young women.

The term ‘body positivity’ has been around for ages, but was most commonly used to describe the movement towards positive body image in the fat acceptance movement. However, it is now frequently applied to all marginalized bodies; women of color, women (cis and trans), trans men and non-binary folk with disabilities are all included. It aims to make people of marginalized identities feel like they deserve love and respect.

Body positivity is very popular on social media; there are numerous blogs created by London escorts dedicated to empowering people through positive affirmations and sharing inspirational pictures. A common theme between them is that they do not conform to traditional beauty standards. Instead, they show different types of bodies in a positive light.

In the Western world, there is a very narrow body type that is considered beautiful. It is slim with curvy hips and small breasts. People who do not have this shape are taught from a young age to try and obtain it through dieting and exercise London escorts hate this reality. It can be seen as part of a patriarchal system which aims to keep people in their place by making them feel like they are never good enough as they are. In order to reach this ideal shape, some women will push themselves into illness through anorexia or bulimia as well as cutting calories to dangerously low levels in an attempt to lose weight. This is damaging to their health.

A major part of the body positivity movement is fat acceptance. London escorts say that fat people are marginalized in Western culture in multiple ways; they are often seen as lazy and greedy, and many of them face discrimination of various kinds in everyday life. Unsurprisingly, this can lead to high levels of mental illness among fat people, very low self-esteem and eating disorders. A famous person who was involved with the fat acceptance movement was Tess Holiday, a model whose social media presence was widely followed. Tess told her followers that she had spent years chasing the Western ideal of beauty despite it causing her emotional distress; then she put up photos of herself which did not conform to that norm. She talked about how her life improved as a result of being body positive.

London escorts identify that a major problem with the Western ideal of beauty is that it assumes that only skinny people are capable of taking up space and showing emotion. This can be extremely harmful for women who feel societal pressure to conform to standards which do not allow them to freely express themselves. Body positivity aims to liberate everyone from this assumption, and it is very popular with celebrities on social media. The photos they post show women of all shapes, sizes and races embracing their bodies for what they are.