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Here's a handful of MacGyver/RDA Links for ya!

Aurélia Series (French)
Visit this site to view somely artwork and then take some time to kick back and relax with some fan fiction.
MacGyver On CBS
Visit this site to view/stream MacGyver episodes online. Please note that this site is region restricted.
Richard Dean Anderson Online (French)
This is Cyril's forum. Visit this friendly board to meet other RDA fans from all over the world.
The Sitting Scribe
Visit this fanfiction site for some great stories featuring both MacGyver and Stargate SG-1.
MacGyver Online
Visit this site for everything a MacGyver could wish for and while you're there why not check out the forum.
Ruralstars Tribute To Richard Dean Anderson
Visit this relatively new and growing site for a nice collection of DVD images from MacGyver plus some from his other shows/movies. Take a peak at the wallpapers while you're there in the miscellaneous section.
Visit this site for some MacGyver music videos and fan fiction.
MacGyver - Ultimate Information Complex
Visit this *superb* site all about MacGyver. It has a complete episode guide for all seasons and the two movies. They include a small synopsis and some screen shots from the episode, in some cases caps and details of the MacGyverisms we all love to see. It also has great character/actor bios, gallery, quotes, scripts why not go check it out.
MacGyver Web Site
Visit this french site for some great RDA/MacGyver pics in colour and black & white, character/actor bio, filmography, full episode guide, articles, series info and links.
RDA Screen Captures
Visit this site for some *fantastic* screen grabs of MacGyver plus other shows/movies involving RDA.
Richard Dean Anderson Web Site
Visit this site if you're a fan of RDA, it has *everything* you're looking for !!
Richard Dean Anderson Wallpapers
Visit this site for some great wallpapers on MacGyver, Stargate SG-1, RDA etc....
Sarah's Fan-Fiction Site
Visit this site for various fan-fiction including a MacGyver one.
MacGyver: Wikipeida, the free encylopia
Use this site as your encylopia for the show. A great resource for any fan-fiction writer out there.
MacGyver Picture And Sound Collection
Visit this site for some pictures and sounds from the series.
Live And Learn
Visit this site for info on the series and characters, trivia, episode guides and more.
MacGyver UK
Visit this site for some wallpapers and screencaps from the series.
MacGyver Land
Visit this site for some multi-media, fan-art, episode guides, quotes and more.
Sometimes.....Richard Dean Anderson
Visit this site for a nice collection of pictures and media of Rick throughout his career.
MacGyver on Fan-Fiction.Net
Visit this site to kick back and relax with a wide collection of fan-fiction on the series.
MacGyver on YouTube
Visit this site for some clips and fan made music videos from the series (anything listed as MacGyver is displayed even if its not really about the show, so have some patience and scroll through them coz there's some real gems hidden in there).
MacGyver on Amazon
If you want to purchase MacGyver on DVD then this is the place to go.