A lot of escorts have to deal with jealous ex partners or current partners. It’s not uncommon for escorts to have jealous partners as we do share our time with other men. 

Over the years working for a London escort of https://www.londonxcity.com I’ve managed to figure out some ways to help make my partner feel more secure about me dating other men. First of all I’m very open and honest about my job and my job role at London escorts from the very beginning of our relationship. I don’t share away from having the repeater conversation with my partner about what I do at London escorts we tend to talk about it every evening and I tell him all about the highs and the lows. Having a partner feel like they are getting all the information about your job makes them feel more secure. 

I make sure that my partner and I have special moments together and schedule dates that I never break. And once in awhile even if I’m scheduled to work at London escort but I feel that my partner needs me I will cancel work just to show him that he is more important than anyone else. I also make our sex life really interesting. I try out new things with my partner and make him feel like he’s the best sex that I have ever had in my entire life. We engage in romantics sex adventurous sex fetishes and even sometimes BDSM

I also let my partner know that I don’t do any of the things we do together sexually with any of my clients that my body is his and his alone. Many of the girls from London escorts say that they try many things to keep their partners happy however nothing seems to satisfy them. I always advise them to sit down and have open conversations about their roles at London escort and make their partners feel secure that their love is for them and them alone. 

Sometimes when the girls from London escorts complain about their partners being jealous I often wonder whether or not it’s an excuse for them to just play the field and that they are just using the excuse that their girlfriends work for London escorts to do what they want. If that is the case I always advise my girlfriend some London escort to ditch that person because they’re relationship would never have worked. 

So far my methods have worked with my boyfriend and we are in a happy and long lasting relationship I’m sure at some point some insecurities will creep up I will tackle them as best I can at that point. To me consistency is key and I use that in my job role at London escorts and within my relationship. Communication is always key to a long lasting relationship so I make sure that my boyfriend here is for me every day sometimes even before and after my dates.